Press on any of the following buttons to see the new and exciting micro swimwear designs for men. The smallest bikini contest is no longer just between the girls. Visit any of the hottest beaches in South America, Europe and the USA and you will see men wearing some of the smallest swimsuits imaginable! The fact is at many of these beaches micro swimwear for men is much more popular than those old baggy board shorts. It is true that the ladies have led the way with swimwear designs so small they are barely legal and the fact is most guys love seeing them wearing these micro suits. Their are few things more fun than a attending a smallest bikini contest but what is a lot more fun is wearing one! There are an amazing amount of micro swimsuit styles ready for men who are daring enough to try them. You may want to start with a full back bikini and work your way down to the smallest pouch only swimsuits. The pouch only designs are considered the smallest swimsuits in the world yet are still considered legal coverage at many beaches.

Surprise the smallest bikini contest is not only for girls!

Judging the Smallest Bikini Contest

All of the men were standing on stage for the smallest bikini contest. I was lucky to be one of the judges for this competition. Each of these men on stage were different sizes and heights. There were skinny boys in G-string bikinis and some hunky men strutting about the stage. There was a man for every preference, and each man looks drop dead sexy in his own unique way. Not only were these men posing, they were also being hosed down with water. This made them dripping wet, with the sun beaming down on them, causing their skin to glisten. My favorite was a man, who was lean and muscular, wearing a bright red micro bikini. The style was bold and took a world full of confidence to pull off successfully. I gave him a perfect 10, and the other judges agreed with me. As he took the stage to accept his victory, his tiny bikini malfunctioned and popped off in front of everyone. He did not seem too embarrassed, and he truly had no reason to be. Judging the smallest bikini contest was a more rewarding experience than I had ever expected.

Micro swimwear designs for men are available in many shapes and sizes including bulge styles, penis shaped suits, fem style designs, sheer swimwear and so much more. Here is a small sample of suits that might take first place in most "Smallest Bikini Contest"

Smallest Bikini Contest

Extreme Swimwear for Men

Micro bikinis, thongs, G-strings, pouch only suits, short shorts and other hot spandex designs. Men are now wearing swimsuits every bit as micro as the women are.